Z80 Single Board Computer


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General Description :

The Z80MPU is a complete Z80-based microcomputer on a board of the exact size of a credit card. It has all signals available on standard 2.54mm pitch pads along the two longer sides of the board to give the designer freedom for his/her application. Together with the Z80-CPU there are 64kB static RAM, one KIO (2 UARTS, 3 parallel ports, 4 timers) and a socket for a 32kB EPROM (PLCC) that is enabled for all READ accesses in the lower half of the address space and switched off by the first IN/OUT-instruction. This feature allows the bootstrap from the power hungry EPROM, but running off the more power preserving RAM, making the board especially usable in portable applications.

Technical Data :
  CPU Z80
  Clock 2.4576MHz
  ROM socket for a 32kB EPROM (PLCC)
  Peripherals Z80-KIO with
1 SIO (2 UARTS, async./sync)
1 PIO (2 parallel ports, bitwise usable, handshaking)
1 CTC (4 8bit-timers, cascadable)
1 extra parallel port, bitwise usable
all Z80 interrupt modes supported
  Connectors 1 30pin header with all data/address lines plus some bus signals
1 60pin header with the remaining bus signals and all peripheral signals
  Inputs/Outputs TTL-compatible

Price :

The board is shippded with a short description of the signals at the pin headers, but not with manuals of the chips on it. To get a copy of them please contact Zilog directly. Prices below are for single quantity.
  EU   EUR 100 incl. tax, handling and shipment
  Europe (not EU)   EUR 100 excl. tax, incl. handling and shipment
  World   $100 excl. tax and handling and shipment

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