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What is on our site.
You can have a look at our products that we offer. These products are "real" products, meaning they are self-contained items. This is in contrast to the services like training and engineering and development.

If you are interested in our partners you find some information here, too. The partners listed are only those that are "visible" to the outside. Those, that we deal with only internally, like our production partners, are not listed.

The category "Projects and Tips" holds some tips for engineers and programmers, as well as a presentation of a selection of projects that we consider interesting to others. This section will expand, but we need time to prepare the pages from the project documentation.

Also we have put some interesting links on our site. Actually, this is a partial copy of our central bookmark file on our intranet. As you can imagine, this will grow continually and will be reorganized from time to time. We can not check the validity of all the links all the time, but we believe the file to be pretty actual.


We cannot take any responsibility for the contents on sites except for paul.de. We do not endorse the contents of any site except this one. If you follow a link from this site and it leads to objectionable content, please notify our webmaster. Our server displays the target of a link in the status bar of your browser. So you can easily see if a link leads away from www.paul.de. A second sign is the disappearence of our frames after following a link.

Want to tell us your opinion (about whatever you want)? Feel free to do so. We appreciate any input/feedback.

The download area is rather small. The software there is a (by-)product of our work. Some is absolutely free, other not - check the README files in the packages or the info given on the screen.

Read some background information and statements.
Here you find some background information about our company. This information is accessible only from this page as we don't consider it to be essential.
Dino-Online is a good source if you want to locate a company in Germany. They show you geographic region and a roadmap. Nice.

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