Non Technical Information.

This picture shows the front (west) side of the church while still under reconstruction (Aug. 97). It is standing in line with other buildings. Unfortunately, the scaffold does not look very attractive, so we will replace the picture as soon as the renovation is finished (and we come to Rott again - remember the whole system runs without any operator and Rott is about 160km away from Leitershofen).

North side of church under reconstruction (Aug.97). As you can see, the church has only one "full" tower. The sacristy is in the basement of the smaller tower. The measurement equipment is located between the roof and the nave - approximately at both sides of the little gable. The front is to the right.

The white building holds the grave of Franz Josef Strauss, actually it is the family grave of the Strauss family. The entrance is not visible on this picture - you must step down the staircase between the two white pillars, first.

Here you see the office of the priest. In the background you even see - vaguely - the Alps. What is visible on the picture is only the upper part of the house. It is standing a little bit downhill and the hedge hides the basement. Only the top of the entrance is peeking out.

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