Micro LZ 906
The Micro LZ 906 is a device to be used with the LZ-151 series of laser heads form Keyence Corp. of Japan. It offers a higher speed (20kHz compared to 5kHz). Second, it is mounted in a water tight box that makes it usable even in harsh environments.

Oscillator For Capacitive Sensors
This oscillator is compatible to the Model 4100-C Clock/Driver Card of Capacitec Inc., USA. It offers a significant higher stability. It's central module is compatible to the hybrid oscillator of Sangamo Inc., again with higher stability. It's original use was for driving capacitec sensors, but the applications include all areas where a cheap, but stable, oscillator with a sine output is needed.

MACH Adapter Boards
These little boards are designed to give users of the MACH CPLDs from Vantis the option to use the chips on prototype boards. Currently available are adapters for the 100-pin and 208-pin parts. The little boards are available with and without a chip on them. All members of the family spread the narrow spacing of the pins on the SMD chips to a 2.54mm (0.1in) raster and provide holes to mount a male or a female connector.

The SCSI-PMON box is a device for monitoring the performance of the SCSI Bus. By cascading the boxes more than one bus can be monitored. All busses are then sampled at the same time, making this concept ideal for multi-port RAID controllers. The data is sent as an ASCII stream via a serial port to a computer for storage and display.

The Z80 MPU is a board exactly the size of a credit card. On it are a Z80 CPU, 2 SIOs (serial ports), 2 PIOs (universal parallel ports), 4 CTC (counter/timers), 1 PIA (simple parallel port), 64kB SRAM and a socket for a 32kB EPROM. All signals of the CPU are available on connectors in addition to the signals of the periphery. This board is a very cost effective solution for small production runs and prototypes.

LCC - Flat cable adapter (on special request)
Normal ROM simulators interface to the target usually via a flat cable. This is fine for DIL sockets, but not so good for more compact types like LCC (Leadless Ceramic Cips). To be able to use a cheap ROM simulator we made an adapter that goes into a LCC socket and provides a short flat cable. These adapters are made by hand and only on special request. Contact us for more info.

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