Onsite Computer
We have a two tiered relationship with Onsite Computer. First we are partners for training (mostly Compaq equipment). The majority of the courses we deliver is via Onsite. Second, Onsite is our exclusive distributor for the SCSI-PMON SCSI Performance Monitor series.

Thomatronik is the exclusive distributor for the LZ 906 and the Capacitec Inc. compatible Oscillator for capacitive systems.

iNt is our distributor for the MACH Bondout Adapter cards. They sell the versions with chips and capacitors already mounted. (The bare boards are available only directly from us.)

Klaus Mödinger Software-Entwicklung
According to the definition on the welcome page, this reference here is misplaced, but we want to point you to one of our external software developers. Contact him either directly or by clicking on the link above.

Angelika Ballhausen
This a reference to an mostly internal partner, too. But Mrs. Ballhausen is one of the best board layouters we know (if not the best). Contact her by clicking the link above, or directly (tel: +49-821-349900-0, fax: +49-821-349900-1). The best time to do so is between 18:00 and 22:00 Central European Time.

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