The Upper Part

The instrument mounted at the top is the transducer box. It is the main electronics box for the laser interferometer from Hewlett Packard.

Just below is a front panel with some displays. They show the actual position of the carrige (top left, green), a selected temperatur (top middle, red), the humidity, measured near the microscope, the selected temperature sensor (bottom, middle, green LED bar) and the atmospheric pressure (bottom, left). The temperature and humidity subsystem is delivered by SIKA in Kaufungen, Germany and the barometer by Thommen, Switzerland.

Below you see another front panel, this with some power switches on the right side and the microscope electronics on the left.

Under that the motor control electronics are mounted. It is from Parker Hannifin, Great Britain.

At the bottom of the picture you see the ink jet printer. Invisible is the HP workstation that is located at the bottom of the whole rack.

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