Micro LZ 906

See an image of the LZ 906 The LZ-906 is an "amplifier" for the LZ-151 sensor head from Keyence Corp. It contains an oscillator, the driver for the laser diode in the sensor head and a fast amplifier/detector for the receiver's photo-detector. Designed for fast detection tasks it has a bandwidth that is four times the bandwidth of the original LZ-150 amplifier unit. It's rugged housing makes it compatible for the harsh environment of a production site without any further protection necessary.

Technical Data :

  Supply Voltage 10,8V - 26,4V
  Chopping Frequency >= 20kHz
  Protection Level IP 54 (with cables properly installed)
  Dimensions 50mm x 52mm (excluding cable clamps)
50mm x 98mm (including cable clamps)
  Signal Output 
  Cable Attachment terminal block (screws)
  Output Current max. 100mA
  Output Voltage 0V (inactive)
Ub (active) (output is open drain from Ub)
  Polarity jumper selectable
  Protection short to ground and Ub for infinite time
  Detection Level adjustable via 10-turn pot
  Sensor Input 
  Compatibility LZ-151 compatible sensors
  Cable Attachment terminal block
  Driving Signal max. 8V
  Driving Current max. 500mA (peak)

Price and Availability :

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