Stable Oscillator

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General Description :

The CLKMOD15 is a high precision 15kHz oscillator module. It has a frequency stability of <1ppm/°C and an amplitude stability of <90ppm/°C. The output is a sine wave with low distortion and DC offset. For syncronizing other parts of a circuit to this oscillator a TTL-compatible square wave output is provided. Originally designed to substitute the usual oscillator in a capacitive sensor arrangement it finds wide use in a variety of measurement equipment. There are several types of these modules with different frequencies.

There is a carrier card for this module to directly replace the Model 4100-C Clock/Driver Card from Capacitec Inc.

Technical Data :
  Supply Voltage ±15V
  Supply Current 60mA max.
  Frequency 15kHz, fixed by quartz (other frequencies available)
  Output Waveform synthesized sine, low distortion
  Output Voltage 10Vpp
  Sync. Output TTL compatible

Price and Availability :

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