The company was founded in 1982 by Ulrich Paul, while being a student at the Technical University in Munich, with the purpose to supply special services and custom made electronics for researchers (then mainly at the same university). The full name of the company still reflects this intention: Ulrich Paul Elektronik für Forschung und Entwicklung (electronics for research and development). Later the focus broadened when we started to work in the telecommunications and the industrial sector. Training and consulting services were added, too.

The computer played a major role from the beginning and so it is no miracle that we have aggregated a lot of knowledge here. In recent years a slight shift occurred and now software makes about half of our business, compared to ca. 20% in 1982. Some projects now have a hardware content of less than 20%. Of course, training and consulting never had a hardware content, so these are excluded in the above figures.


The combined skills of our subcontractors and us ranges from basic research over product development to high tech assembly and test. From Java, C, C++ over Basic down to various Assemblers. From DOS to Unix and VMS and AS400. Everything we need to do our business effectively is there. If something in addition is needed we create it. So we have very powerful tools to get things done.

When you browse our site you will see mainly the hardware aspects. There are so few nice pictures of software ;-) and so many of hardware. This is perhaps misleading and we should compensate for that with a glossy graphic.

Currently (spring 2002) we are building up knowledge in the bioinformatics sector. Two themes will dominate our efforts: phylogenetics & phylogenomics and lab equipment/software. We are underway to install web pages for both of them. The phylo... stuff will go to www.phylogen.de, while the other stuff will be placed at www.info-gen.de.


As can be seen from our address the company is located in Stadtbergen, a community with app. 15000 inhabitants, which lies at the south-west rim of Augsburg (app. 300000 inhabitants). Augsburg is the third biggest city in Bavaria. They have a nice homepage, but only in German. If you are interested in some more info about Germany you should visit www.entry.de.

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